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Publications and conference papers


Book Space as Language  Cambridge University Press ‘Elements’ series.


Book collaboration with Richard Berengarten Dyad


Case study ‘Dichromate’ Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type 2.0


Keynote lecture, conference ‘Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, Future’  Leeds University


Book chapter ‘Type and the English writing system’, in the Routledge Handbook of the English Writing System.


Conference paper: Letter, craft and ornament in post-digital practice 'Face Forward' typographic conference, DIT Dublin

Conference paper: New perspectives on a historic idiom: Chromatic types in the digital era 6th Encontro Tipografico, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Essay 'Decriminalising Ornament' Print magazine USA


Conference paper: From Snuffbox to Surfboard: the typographic ligature. Edward Johnston Seminar, Ditchling.


Conference paper: Beyond Classification: new legs for a dead horse ATypI conference Amsterdam

Conference paper: Sacred and Profane International Conference of the Image, Chicago

Essay ‘Painted Words’ Slanted design journal, Berlin


Keynote paper Painted Words at ‘TypoTage’conference, Museum fur Druck-kunst, Leipzig

Conference paper Type and Tactility Typecon New Orleans


Conference paper: Words and Spaces ATypI Dublin

Conference paper: Type design and the duty to language Agrafa conference ‘Responsibility in Design’, Katowice, Poland 

Book: The Complete Typographer (revised edition) Thames and Hudson UK, Wylie USA

Essay: ‘Spaces within, Spaces between’ Letter Exchange Forum

Essay: ‘Superfamilies’ Parenthesis


Conference paper: Spaces within, spaces between; an exploration of the Counterform Typographic Horizons conference, Birmingham

Conference paper The Typographer as Reader Typecon 09 Atlanta USA. 

Research paper ‘Typographic Literacies’  in Multi: the RIT Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design vol. 2, Rochester institute of Technology USA. 

Book chapter as co-author ‘The Schwitters Legacy’ in Art and Text Black Dog Publishing 

Multiple entries in The Phaidon Compendium of Graphic Design, Phaidon, London

Conference paper Alternate Histories and Historical Alternates at St Bride’s Conference London.

Cover feature on recent digital prints in Ultrabold


Book chapter ‘Old Forms, new ideas’ in Font: the Sourcebook Black Dog publishing

Conference paper: Typographic Literacies New Views 2, London College of Communication.


Conference paper Teaching typography in the 21st century: Reviewing the fundamentals of typography in a post-modern design culture at AGRAFA Conference, Katowice, Poland

Conference paper: The decorative typography of the union card: a typographic timeline at 'Moving Type' conference, Birmingham

Article ‘Changing signs/Signs of Change: Street Typography in Budapest’ in Ultrabold


Book: The Complete Typographer, Page One (UK) Wylie (USA)

Conference paper: Changing signs/Signs of Change: Street Typography in Budapest, 3rd international St Brides Conference, St Brides Printing Library, London.


Essay ‘The Landscape Font’ published by international design studies journal Zed (US) 


'The Digital Scriptorium: towards a Pre-Gutenberg perspective on contemporary typographic practice' International Association of Word and Image Studies Journal


Conference paper The Digital Scriptorium: towards a Pre-Gutenberg perspective on contemporary typographic practice  International Association of Word and Image Studies Conference, Trinity College Dublin

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