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P22 Dichromate

Dichromate is a digital typeface which explores the idea of the ‘chromatic’ letter and the use of modular design.. 

Out of this came the challenge of creating a digital chromatic face that was free of historical references; a genuinely 21st century reinterpretation of the form.

Dichromate was designed with the objective that each font could also be used separately. but would be interlocking and mutually interdependent as the two fonts articulate to form  composite letters. The two sets of ‘broken’ or ‘interrupted’ letter shapes each have their own stylistic flavour Their decorative vocabulary is geometric and independent of genre associations. Together, they merge to form an unbroken letter profile providing for several permutations of decorative infill,  which can be further extended by variations of layering and opacity. 

The design was accepted for publication by Richard Kegler at P22, who then advised on the final stages of production and the development of the character set, and it was released in November 2020 as P22 Dichromate.

Designer and author David Jury has said ‘ ‘I like Dichromate very much. It has an appearance somewhere between a bio-technical lab and a sweetshop’. 


The full character set can be viewed at:

Scaled dichro specimen for snape.jpg
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