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Lectures and workshops

Guest lectures, workshops

2018 Keynote lecture, conference ‘Letterpress Printing: Past, Present, Future’  Leeds University 

2017 Susan Garretson Swartzburg Memorial Book Arts Lecture, Wells College, Aurora NY.

2017 Lectures and seminars: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond;  Miami 

University, Oxford, Ohio.

2017 Lectures and teaching residency: Academy of Arts and Design, Katowice, Poland

2015  Workshop presentation Graphic Design Educators Network symposium 'De brief'

2014 Guest lecture: Reading University

2015,16 Guest lectures/seminars: University College London

2012: Public Lecture: Type Design and the Letter Arts Letter Exchange lecture series, The Artworkers’ Guild, London

2012 Lecture and workshop tour: University of Houston; Georgia State University, Atlanta; Loyola College, New Orleans; North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

2011 Lecture and workshop tour: Northern Illinois University; University of Minnesota, St Paul; New York State University, Buffalo: Bowling Green State University, Ohio. 

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